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VISION: Empower Growth

In keeping with the spirit of the African Union, the mission of AFRICA FEMMES PERFORMANTES is to empower African Women through the emergence of a united and integrated Africa and its Diaspora; to build a shared vision for a sustainable development aimed at taking up common challenges.

AFRICA FEMMES PERFORMANTES is developping a Global Business Network through its AFRICA TRADE CENTER that is enabling:
  1. Business Bridge and cooperation between Africa and America.
  2. Americans "new importers" who want to import from africa and receive a step-by-step guidance.
  3. to order samples of products High in demand in the US Market, connecting you with suppliers and buyers.
  4. Training & Coaching Program to access the African Market.
  5. Trade Mission Trip in Africa to experience the culture and meet farmers. We help you negotiate


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Africa Trade Center

Lanham, Maryland

Displaying samples of High in demand products in the US Market

Connecting you with suppliers

Helping you establish business relationships in an african Country

Helping you bring your samples or products

Offering samples for purchase

Offering space for your products

How we are Making it Work!

Our mission is to empower Women farmers, organize them in clusters and cooperatives. We want to provide more capacity, tools and equipment for efficient growth and productivity.

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